Facilitator: Chris Crouch

Members: Pastor Charlie, John Gregg, Debbie Miller, Debbie Mace, and Terri Rill

Living Every Day As Disciples

Although the LEAD process takes about three years to complete, it is designed to set us on an ongoing journey of discipleship and discovery that will continue far beyond these first three years. Our newly formed LEAD Team will be our trail guides on the journey, and they will be guided in their work by a LEAD coach who will meet with the pastor and team facilitator monthly.

The first part of the LEAD journey is called “Tuning In” and involves listening deeply to God, to each other, and to the people of our community to get a sense of where God is leading us. The congregation will receive regular updates from the team so that we can learn and grow together, and keep one another in prayer.

Most congregations in these challenging days tend to “circle the wagons” and focus inward upon themselves, serving the needs of their existing members out of a survival mentality. The LEAD journey will help us become a more outward focused congregation, deeply rooted in God and in our community, and working with others in the community to serve all God’s children in Jesus’ name out of a mission mentality.

This will help Immanuel Lutheran Church not just to survive, but to thrive!