Worship and Music Ministry

Chair: Susan Burnette

Members: Jerry Hoffman (Organist/Choir Director), Audrey Moose (Chime Choir Director), Judy Bixler (Saturday Evening Service), Jennifer Holbrook (Acolytes), Sandy Voight (Altar Guild), Wayne Thomas (Adult/Luther Men Choirs), and Amanda Yingling (Children’s Choir Coordinator)

The Worship and Music team shall assist the Congregation Council in seeing that the services of God’s house are conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, that competent head ushers and worship assistants are recruited and trained and that hymnals and other devotional material are provided and properly cared for. They shall supervise and strive to advance the welfare and effective service of the organist, choir director(s) and the various choirs. It shall arrange for the care of the paraments, vestments and musical instruments. In consultation with the pastor, the organist and the choir director(s), it shall furnish music supplies appropriate for use in the worship of a congregation of the ELCA.


  • Adult Choir: weekly practices, Thursday Evening  7-8 pm (Sept-May)
  • Luther Men Choir: sing quarterly, scheduled practices Sundays after 9 am service, as needed
  • Chime Choir: practice Thursdays at 6 pm
  • Children’s Choir: sing quarterly, scheduled practice as needed
  • Woman’s Harmony Choir: Coming Soon!


 Frank and Susan Burnette
 Dawn and Steve Burris
 Rhonda Kiler
 Ellen Linsenbardt
 Wendy Maloney
 Betty Miller
 Laurie and Steve Miller
 Audrey Shaffer
 Sandy Voight
 Barb and Gene Yingling
~ New Members are encouraged to join the Guild.~