Mutual Ministry

Chair: Bob Nicoll
Members: Doris Dell, Christine Crouch, Sandy Voight, Rodgers Hagert, Jamie Rooney and Pastor Charlie

Our Del/MD Synod charged all congregations in the Synod to have a Mutual Ministry organization in place by 2018. Consistent with their Vision Plan, our Committee objectives are two-fold;

1. To provide a confidential forum that is alert for, and identifies problems and opportunities from the congregation or our community. Of particular interest is our ability to head off church problems before they become bigger issues. Inputs to the Committee are addressed or referred to the appropriate contact or organization for action. Because of our visibility into church issues or opportunities, we also assume a role in spawning new projects or initiatives which support the congregational mission or outreach.

2. Ensure that our Pastor’s overall health and well being are being addressed. This includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and Spiritual dimensions. The Pastor provides a report on his position and progress toward his goals. The Committee.serves as an advocate and provides oversight on his current status.

The Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis. Following each session we
provide an update article in the church Newsletter for our Congregation.